Skin Tightening

Is there a way to achieve true, effective skin tightening and skin rejuvenation without surgery or pain? Thanks to Cellulite Treatments By Sia, now there is.


Aging and skin tightening

One of the common signs of aging is a loss of skin elasticity. In youth, our skin is taut and supple and easily rebounds from things like sunburn and dehydration. But as we age, the supporting structures in the dermal layers of our skin start to disappear, which leads to loose, saggy skin on areas like the face, stomach or breasts. Loose skin is very hard to hide and can betray you age even if you have few wrinkles or age spots. It’s no wonder we have all been searching for an effective skin tightening method.

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Tighten skin with Cellulite Treatments By Sia

We all search for a way to tighten skin, but until now there have been very few skin tightening procedures that don’t involve surgery, pain, or recovery time. But Cellulite Treatments By Sia has secured the latest international, patented technology for skin rejuvenation. Our treatment stimulates collagen and elastin at a dermal level, to restore the skin’s natural elasticity, without pain or recovery time.


Skin tightening  treatment


Why our skin rejuvenation works

Skin become saggy because of the biological breakdown that occurs in the dermis, such as the loss of the collagen and elastin producing cells, fibroblasts, and the reduction of collagen and elastin synthesis. Our skin rejuvenation treatment works because it stimulates the growth of new fibroblasts and the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Magnetic pulses stimulate circulation and increase the propagation of fibroblasts. The radio frequency uses controlled heat for thermal stimulation in the dermis, which increases collagen and elastin synthesis.

Skin Tightening By Sia vs. other skin tightening procedures

You may have heard of thermal stimulation, which is what skin tightening procedures like thermage achieve. The heat applied to the skin prompts the skin to go into ‘healing mode’ and to release collagen and elastin to rebuild damaged skin cells. Cellulite Treatments By Sia’s skin rejuvenation treatment achieves the same thing, but without the pain, recovery time or high price tag of thermage. Our treatment is also the only of its kind to use both radio frequency and magnetic pulsing to tighten skin, which is why it is clinically proven to be effective.

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