Non Surgical Face Lift

Looking for a non-surgical facelift option but not sure if it will work? Sia has secured the very latest in medical-grade skin tightening technology, so you can rest assured you are only a few treatments away from tighter, younger-looking skin.


Skin Tightening

As we age, the supporting cells in our skin diminish, and this natural process occurs even before we add sun damage and other skin stresses into the equation. When these important cells disappear, our skin starts to sag and look ‘tired’. This natural process had led women all over the world to search for an effective skin tightening method. We’ve tried creams, surgery, injectables and laser treatments to achieve this.

non surgical face lift


Non-surgical facelifts now available

Unfortunately, these old skin tightening methods really haven’t been very effective, and the ones that have been effective, like thermage or surgery, have been very painful and require loads of recovery time. Now, you can have the best of both worlds with Cellulite Treatments By Sia’s new, patented non-surgical facelift technology. Thanks to new international technology, you can achieve a non-surgical facelift without pain or recovery time. This is because our skin tightening treatment stimulates your own collagen and elastin at a dermal level, like laser or thermage, to naturally restore the skin’s elasticity.

non surgical face lift treatments


Why it works

Skin starts to sag as we naturally lose the collagen and elastin producing cells, fibroblasts, as we age. This, in turn, leads to a reduction of collagen and elastin synthesis in the skin. Reads more about skin aging here. Our non-surgical facelift treatment works because it actually causes new fibroblasts to grow and improves the synthesis of collagen and elastin. It does this by using magnetic pulses to stimulate circulation and increase the propagation of fibroblasts, and radio frequency to provide thermal stimulation in the dermis, which increases collagen and elastin synthesis.

This miracle machine is now available at Cellulite Treatments By Sia, and it is the first time it has been available outside a doctor’s office Australia-wide. Not only does this new technology aid in skin tightening, it also combats cellulite. Read more about it in our FAQs, or call us now.


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