Revolutionary cellulite treatment is now available in Castle Hill!

Laser By Sia has been getting such great results for its revolutionary cellulite technology that they have recently expanded to Castle Hill!

Now, those on the north shore can enjoy all the benefits of this proven technology without having to travel over the bridge!

Our patented cellulite treatment uses magnetic pulsing and radio frequency to counteract all the causes of cellulite deep in the subcutaneous fat layer.

What causes cellulite? Find out here!

Cellulite is complex and occurs deep inside the body, so a cream or a gel just isn’t going to make much difference when applied to the surface of the skin. But Laser By Sia’s new cellulite treatment goes much deeper.

The combination of magnetic pulsing and radio frequency helps to boost circulation, toxin elimination, skin firming and fat cell reduction, leading to an improvement in the look of cellulite.

And after a few sessions, cellulite will be significantly reduced and may only need a treatment or two annually to keep it at bay!

This exciting new technology is not only new to Castle Hill but also to a clinic setting in Australia overall! So take advantage of this new cellulite treatment and get in shape for summer! Contact us now!