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Cellulite Treatments By Sia once again leads the skin care industry with our new cellulite reduction technology

In an effort to pioneer the industry and ensure we are always on the cutting edge of skin care technology, Cellulite Treatments By Sia is proud to introduce our new cellulite reduction technology. Unlike other so-called cellulite treatments, this new technology is not only patented but also proven to reduce cellulite.

Our technology uses a combination of magnetic pulsing and radio frequency, applied with a mulitipolar hand piece, to melt away cellulite from within, rather that trying to inefficiently treat it from the outside.

While magnetic pulsing and radio frequency have been used in medical treatments for years, this is the first time these treatments have been combined worldwide, and the first time it has been available outside a doctor’s office in Australia.

In combination, magnetic pulsing and radio frequency achieve some amazing outcomes, including lipolysis or the break down or fat cells, angiogenesis, or the proliferation of capillaries for boosted circulation, and toxin elimination via the lymphatic stimulation.

And because the technology has the biggest multipolar hand piece on the market today, it reaches down to the subcutaneous fat layer without travelling all the way through the body and organs.

This technology can be used anywhere on the face or body and in as little as 8-10 sessions, you will see a dramatic improvement in the look of your cellulite, and significant skin firming.

Read more about this amazing new technology here, or peruse our FAQs. Contact Cellulite Treatments By Sia to secure your cellulite busting appointment now!


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