Cellulite Treatment Results

Many existing cellulite treatments just don’t get the results they claim, or they provide temporary results that soon fade.

Proven Cellulite Treatment Results

At Cellulite Treatments By Sia, our revolutionary new cellulite treatment gets clinically proven results. This is because this unique, patented technology is the very latest in cellulite treatment available in Australia. In fact, our technology is the only treatment of its type available outside a doctor’s office across Australia.

Other cellulite treatments

Other cellulite treatments, like creams, endermologie and bipolar treatment, only offer what we call ‘Cinderella’ results. That is, these cellulite treatments get short-term results for cellulite by only providing a surface skin tightening, because they cannot reach deep enough into the skin to treat cellulite where the problem occurs.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is fatty deposits that lie under our dermis in the subcutaneous fat layer. Cellulite is caused but things such as weight gain, poor circulation and ineffective lymphatic processes that cause toxins to build up and be stored in our fat. This fat bulges out in between the skin’s fibrous supporting tissues, which is what causes the familiar ‘orange peel’ effect. Find out more here.

Why Cellulite Treatments By Sia gets results

Our treatment is the only technology globally that utilises both radio frequency and magnetic pulsing in a multipolar application to get clinically proven results.

The magnetic pulses stimulates the growth of new capillaries to the area, a process called angiogenesis, to increase circulation, while also prompting the growth of the skin’s supporting cells, or fibroblasts. The radio frequency uses controlled heat to increase collagen and elastin synthesis, while also triggering an enzyme that creates lipolysis, or the breakdown of lipids. While achieving all this, lymphatic drainage is also stimulated. These amazing transformations happen deep in and below the dermis thanks to the multipolar handpiece that helps the radio frequency and magnetic pulses to reach deeply into the tissues.

It is in the combination of radio frequency and magnetic pulses, and the ability to reach beyond the dermis, that sets this technology apart from other less effective cellulite technologies and gets the cellulite treatment results. You will see results in only one session, with 8-10 cellulite treatments needed to visibly reduce your cellulite and get great results.

See the cellulite treatment results here.

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