Cellulite Bum

Is there anything worse than cellulite on the bum? No matter what we do, how much we exercise or how well we watch our diets, cellulite bum is almost inevitable—even celebrities have it!


But now, thanks to  Cellulite Treatments By Sia, there is something you can do about it! Using our new and unique magnetic pulsing and radio frequency, we can get rid of cellulite on the bum or anywhere else!

cellulite bum

To understand why our cellulite treatment works, we must first understand what causes cellulite and what causes other treatments to fail.

Cellulite is a complex biological condition that is caused by a combination of factors, including lack of circulation, toxin storage and weight gain. All this occurs deep in the subcutaneous layers of body, under the skin.

Why cream for cellulite doesn’t work

Creams for cellulite in Australia are topical, meaning they are applied to the surface of the skin. Because of our laws, these creams are not allowed to penetrate past the epidermal layer of the skin. They don’t even get down to the skin’s dermis, let alone below this, where the cellulite occurs!

But our treatment for cellulite on the bum or anywhere else not only penetrates down to the subcutaneous layers of fat, once there, the combined of magnetic pulsing and radio frequency, does amazing things. The therapy achieves angiogenesis—or the stimulation of capillary growth for better circulation, lipolysis—or the breakdown of fat cells, and toxin elimination.

This is why we can safely say our treatment all but gets rid of cellulite on the bum, or anywhere else. So if you’re serious about getting rid of your cellulite bum, contact Cellulite Treatments By Sia.


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