Cellulite Treatment Clinics

Tried a few cellulite treatment clinics and been disappointed? Cellulite Treatments By Sia now offers the latest clinically proven international technology at our clinic to treat cellulite quickly from inside, where the problem begins.


Cellulite Treatment Clinics

Tried a creamendermologiehypoxie or some other cellulite treatment at a cellulite clinic?

Latest research shows that while these treatments at cellulite treatment clinics may have some ‘Cinderella’ effect, or positive temporary affects on your cellulite, chances are you have been disappointed with the long-term results.

This is because to treat cellulite effectively, you must treat deep down to the supporting structure of your skin, the dermis, and below to the subcutaneous fat stores.

Cellulite is fatty deposits that lie in our subcutaneous fat stores. Following years of poor circulation, a bad diet and a sluggish lymphatic system, toxins build up in these fatty deposits, leading to cellulite.

So for a cellulite treatment to be effective, it must increase circulation to the affected area, improve lymphatic drainage and breakdown fatty tissue deposits. This is where other cellulite treatment clinics fail, as instead of treating the problem from the inside below the skin, they try and treat it from the exterior skin layers.

Cellulite Treatments By Sia, the new cellulite clinic

After an exhaustive worldwide search, the clinic that brought you the latest in hair removal and skin care technology, now introduces revolutionary new anti cellulite technology.

This is a clinically proven cellulite treatment. The patented technology is the only treatment that uses both magnetic pulsing and radio frequency to treat cellulite deep in the tissues.

Why this cellulite treatment actually works

So why does this treatment work where so many other cellulite treatment clinics have failed? The secret is in the unique combination of magnetic pulsing and radio frequency, and the multi-polar handpiece.

Magnetic pulsing increases a hormone that forces more capillaries to grow in the skin (angiogenesis) and encourages structural cell growth. The radio frequency increases collagen and elastin synthesis via thermal stimulation, promotes lymphatic drainage and loosens fat cells (lipolysis).

Our multi-polar handpiece uniformly heats deep into the skin anywhere on the face or body without pain, or any cold spots, which is why it is unique in cellulite treatment clinics. You will see results from the first session, with only 8-10 sessions needed to reduce cellulite significantly.

Cellulite Treatments By Sia is the only clinic offering this technology outside a doctor’s office across Australia. So lose the cellulite the scientifically proven way with Cellulite Treatments By Sia. Contact us now.


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