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Ever wondered why your expensive cellulite creams and products don’t seem to provide any kind of long term results?

Why most cellulite creams & products don’t work

Cellulite, or the lumpy fat deposits that characterises cellulite, lies in the subcutaneous fat layer below the skin’s dermis. The causes of cellulite are threefold: bad circulation to the area, a sluggish lymphatic system that causes toxins to be stored in fat deposits, and weight gain. All this occurs at a deep level below the surface layers of the skin. It is for this reason that applying a topical solution that doesn’t penetrate to a dermal level, like an over-the-counter cellulite cream or a cellulite gel, cannot have a beneficial long term effect on cellulite.


The alternative to ineffective cellulite cream, firming cream and cellulite gel

Cellulite Treatments By Sia has just introduced a new kind of cellulite mousse to its effective, natural product line up. While other cellulite creams and products, like firming creams, sit on the skin, penetrating only down to the first one or two upper skin layers at best, our mousse penetrates deeply via a new delivery system called ‘Deep Energy Kinetech’ to boost microcirculation and fat breakdown. Containing caffeine, ivy extract and birch extracts, this mousse causes a natural boost of kinetic energy while giving off an original effervescence effect. When used in conjunction with our revolutionary cellulite treatment, it is far more effective than regular cellulite creams and products.

Clinically proven cellulite treatment at Cellulite Treatments By Sia

Cellulite Treatments By Sia succeeds where cellulite creams and firming creams fail because our treatment reaches down to the dermal and subcutaneous levels to treat cellulite where it occurs. Our patented technology is a revolution because it uses both magnetic pulsing and radio frequency, rather than one or the other.


These methods in unison stimulate deep lymphatic drainage, while the magnetic pulsing stimulates more capillaries to provide circulation to the area. Radio frequency also stimulates lipolysis, or the breakdown of lipids. Even more amazingly is we can achieve real, clinically proven results without pain or downtime.

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Cellulite Treatments By Sia is the only business to offer this amazing new cellulite treatment outside a doctor’s office across Australia. So if that cellulite gel or firming cream just isn’t getting the results you hoped for, contact us now.


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