Dimple-free bums and thighs are now within reach thanks to a new cellulite treatment technology available at Cellulite by Sia.

New to Australia, this proven, patented cellulite treatment actually addresses all the causes of cellulite, including toxin build-up, weight gain and circulation problems.

It is the first cellulite treatment technology ever to combine magnetic pulsing and radio frequency with a multi-polar applicator to help remove cellulite as well as firm and rejuvenate the skin.

A cellulite treatment that works!

The magnetic pulsing and radio frequency achieve a number of processes for the treatment of cellulite. First, this cellulite treatment achieves angiogenesis, or the growth of new capillaries to the treated area to improve circulation.

Next, it prompts lipolysis, or the break down of fat cells. And last but not least, it promotes lymphatic drainages, for the removal of stored toxins. And it does all this at a subcutaneous level, thanks to the revolutionary multipolar applicator.

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