Skin resurfacing can take on a number of different meanings, from smoothing away marks and scars, to microdermabrasion, to reducing wrinkles and even firming the skin.

At Cellulite Treatment By Sia, we have a number of technologies for skin resurfacing that are not only effective, but that require little to no recovery time and actually protect and nurture the skin, rather than harming it.

Try our new magnetic pulsing and radio frequency technology for skin resurfacing. Using both magnetic pulsing and radio frequency, we can penetrate deep into the skin to reduce cellulite and firm skin to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and sagging.

For mild acne scars and marks, trying our Regen Pen. The Regen Pen increases the production of collagen and elastin in the skin to accelerate and improve skin healing.

Why microdermabrasion actually accelerates the aging process. Click here.

Our Mediderm Visage treatments get deep down into the skin for skin rejuvenation, resurfacing and deep cleansing, all without harming the precious epidermal barrier.

So next time you think ‘skin resurfacing’ think Cellulite Treatment By Sia for the latest treatments and medical grade skin care.