There are many different cellulite technologies floating around today that other have claimed to be the ‘best’ cellulite treatment available but did you know that Cellulite Treatment By Sia has the only cellulite reduction technology of its type in Sydney?

Our patented European technology has been proven to fight cellulite and firm skin using a unique combination of magnetic pulsing and radio frequency. No other cellulite removal technology in Sydney uses BOTH magnetic pulsing and radio frequency.

You make have heard of other technologies, like endermologie, hypoxi, Exilis, massage, not to mention the array creams and tonics.

But some of these types of treatments, like creams and massage, can be ineffective, while the newer treatments, like Exilis, are only available in doctor’s offices, so they are prohibitively expensive.

At Cellulite Treatment By Sia, we aim to provide you not only with the best technology, but also with all the information you need so you can make an informed decision about your cellulite removal and treatment.

If you are considering a cellulite treatment using radio frequency, like Exilis or Cellulite Treatment By Sia’s technology, then it is important to check whether your treatment is mono-polar or multi-polar.

A multi-polar treatment, like Cellulite Treatment By Sia’s new cellulite removal treatment, ensures the radio frequency reaches sufficient subcutaneous depths to reach the cellulite, but the current DOES NOT pass all the way through the body while it’s doing its job.

Mono-polar treatments, however, means the radio frequency current the system uses runs right through your body and internal organs during the treatment.

It is also best that your cellulite treatment uses BOTH radio frequency and magnetic pulsing, like Cellulite Treatment By Sia’s technology. Magnetic pulsing assists in the healing process and in the removal of cellulite by creating new capillaries (angiogenesis) and the assistance in growth factor release to firm skin, while the radio frequency stimulates collagen and elastin and liquefies fats (lipolysis).

Cellulite Treatment By Sia’s treatment also uses the largest handpiece on the market today, which is important because ensures consistent, uniform heating of large treated areas, so you get an effective treatment. What many clinics don’t understand is: the smaller the handpiece, the harder it is to raise the skin’s temperature and keep it there for a long enough period of time for the treatment to work.

Find out more about our new European, patented technology and why we believe it is the best cellulite treatment on the market by contacting Cellulite Treatment By Sia today on 9191 0321.