Considering thermage for skin tightening and firming? Before undertaking this expensive and very painful process, visit Cellulite Treatment By Sia and find out about our amazing new skin firming technology.

Using a combination of magnetic pulsing and radio frequency, we can tighten skin just as effectively as thermage–without the pain or price tag.

Thermage works through a process called thermal stimulation. This is where heat, in the case of thermage heat via laser, is applied to the skin causing a pretend wound. The skin then releases its own collagen and elastin to heal itself. This influx of collagen and elastin into our skin reduces sagging and wrinkles and results in more youthful-looking skin.

But each thermage session is very painful and requires considerable recovery time as your skin heals. Our new skin rejuvenation technology also achieves thermal stimulation, and after a recommended number of treatments, gets fantastic skin tightening benefits without the pain, recovery or price tag associated with thermage.

This new technology is also the only patented technology of its type to get rid of cellulite. So contact Cellulite Treatment By Sia and enjoy younger-looking skin!