Spending all your time and money on ineffective cellulite reduction treatments? Listen up!

Cellulite is a tricky condition, with multiple causes and multiple appearances. So it makes sense that tackling this scourge with a one-dimensional treatment just isn’t going to work.

Cellulite occurs deep down in the subcutaneous fat layers underneath the dermis of our skin. It is caused by multiple biological failures, including a lack of circulation, a build-up of toxins and an increase in the size of fat cells.

So to get effective cellulite reduction, you need to reduce fat cells, increase circulation, increase lymphatic drainage for toxin removal, and you need to do all this with a treatment that actually penetrates past the dermis of the skin and gets to the subcutaneous layer. Phew!

So why isn’t your current treatment working? Chances are, it only tackles one of the causes, or just doesn’t reach down to where cellulite occurs. Creams, wraps and most treatments just sit on the surface of the skin, never penetrating past the first few layers. Deeper treatments like massage or endermologie also don’t go far enough or address the multiple causes.

But Cellulite Treatment By Sia’s new patented cellulite reduction technology does! Using magnetic pulsing and radio frequency with a multipolar applicator not only address all three causes of cellulite, but actually reaches down to the subcutaneous layer. Find out more now.