If you haven’t, then you are missing out!

Our new cellulite reduction technology uses a unique combination of magnetic pulsing and radio frequency to reduce cellulite significantly.

How? Cellulite is caused by multiple biological factors, including toxin storage, fat cell increase and sluggish circulation. It also occurs deep below the skin in the subcutaneous fat layer.

So in order to be effective, a cellulite reduction technology not only must address all the causes of cellulite, but it must reach deep enough to actually get to the cellulite.

Our treatment does all this and more. Radio frequency and magnetic pulsing, which have been used for other medical applications for years, boost circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system for toxin removal and reduce fat cells. This treatment also boosts the growth of the skin’s firming cells, for added skin firming.

Read our FAQS about cellulite reduction here.

It does all this via a multipolar applicator, which reaches deep enough to get to the cellulite.

So don’t waste your time and money on topical cellulite treatments, visit Cellulite Treatment By Sia for proven cellulite reduction now!