Think cellulite removal is not possible? Think again! Cellulite Treatment By Sia has imported the very latest in clinically proven, patented technology from Europe for effective cellulite removal.

Using a unique combination of magnetic pulsing and radio frequency, as well as a multipolar applicator, this cellulite treatment has only just become available in Sydney and is already proving to be very popular.

Why this cellulite removal treatment works where others fail

So why does this cellulite treatment work for cellulite removal? It’s simple: cellulite is caused by a combination of weight gain, toxin build-up and a lack of circulation. Where other cellulite treatments address one or two of these causes, this new cellulite removal technology addresses all three!

The combination of magnetic pulsing and radio frequency helps to stimulate lymphatic drainage, break down fat cells (lipolysis), and promote new capillary growth (angiogenesis). And the multipolar applicator penetrates deep into the body to actually reach cellulite at a subcutaneous level, for real cellulite removal.

Between 8-10 sessions will be required, depending on the area, so visit Cellulite Treatment By Sia and experience our new cellulite removal technology!