Do you slather on cellulite creams and then wonder why you still have lumps and bumps?

Cellulite creams are a little like only watering the leaves of a plant: the top might look good but its not really doing the plant much good where it really needs it. This is because cellulite is complex problem caused by a number of biological breakdowns beneath the surface of the skin. And if your cellulite cream doesn’t reach this area, it’s not doing anything but plumping up the top few layers of the skin.

Find out more about what causes your cellulite and what you can do about it!

Ever wondered why really thin women still have cellulite? This is because we all have a subcutaneous fat layer. This fat layer is crucial for our survival and cannot ever be totally lost. It is in this fat layer that cellulite occurs, due to a lack of circulation, a build-up of toxins and an increase in the size of fat cells.

So it’s pretty logical, when you think about it, that any effective treatment for cellulite needs to address all these problems at the level they occur. You can see why cellulite creams just don’t cut it!

Fortunately, Cellulite Treatment By Sia has a true cellulite solution that addresses all the causes of cellulite right down where they occur. Contact us now!