Looking for a Cellulite Cure?

Been praying every night for a cellulite cure? Then plan a celebration because Cellulite Treatment By Sia has just imported the latest skin technology that is not only a cellulite cure but a skin firming revolution too!

Many treatments claim to be cellulite cures, but are they really? Cellulite is caused by a complex set of biological processes, including a loss of lymphatic drainage leading to excess toxin storage, weight gain, and a lack of circulation.

Until now, touted ‘cellulite cures’ only addressed one or two of these causes. Our new, patented technology, freshly imported from Europe, is the only cellulite cure to address all the causes of cellulite in one machine.

The unique process uses both magnetic pulsing and radio frequency to address circulation, lymphatic drainage and fat cells. And because we use the only multipolar applicator on the market today, the treatment actually penetrates down to the subcutaneous layers where all the work needs to be done.

This revolutionary technology is truly amazing and will cure cellulite in many cases, with only one or two touch up sessions required annually to maintain your results. So contact Cellulite Treatment By Sia now for the only effective cellulite cure around!

Stretch Marks what can we do?

Stretch marks are an unfortunate fact of life for many women and men. Stretch marks occur when the skin supporting layer, the dermis, is stretched too quickly and tears.

Sadly, once the dermis is torn, is cannot be repaired back to its original state and a scar, or a stretch mark, remains. Unfortunately, too many people try and remove stretch marks with creams, only to be disappointed. This is partly because the dermis cannot be repaired back to its original state, and partly because these kind of stretch marks creams only sit on the surface of the skin and don’t penetrate to anywhere near the dermis.

Cellulite Treatment By Sia is pleased to introduce a new technology to help fight the appearance of stretch marks. Our dual radio frequency and magnetic pulsing technology penetrates down to the dermis to stimulate the release of collagen and elastin, and the propagation of the skin’s firming calls, fibroblasts, to heal, tighten and firm the skin.

Livid red stretch marks are reduced to the point where they are almost invisible and loose skin is firmedContact Cellulite Treatment By Sia now.

Get rid of cellulite hot spots arms, thighs, buttocks!

Do you suffer from cellulite on the arms, thighs or buttocks? Chances are, if you’re a woman over the age of puberty you do!

Until now, there was really no sure-fire, effective way to reduce cellulite on the arms, thighs or buttocks. But now, Laser By Sia has recently imported the latest technology from Europe, which is PROVEN effective on cellulite.

This patented technology uses both magnetic pulsing and radio frequency to treat cellulite on the arms, thighs, buttocks or anywhere else. While radio frequency and magnetic pulsing have been around for a while, combining them into one treatment is new and it’s getting amazing results!

The dual treatments actually attack all the causes of cellulite: toxin build up, lack of circulation and fat cell gain. Using magnetic pulsing and radio frequency with a multi-polar applicator, the treatment penetrates down to the subcutaneous level to achieve lymphatic drainage, lipolysis (the breakdown of fat cells) and angiogenesis (the growth of new capillaries).

After a recommended number of treatments, skin is firmed and cellulite on the arms, thighs and buttocks disappears! Depending on your lifestyle, you may need one or two annual sessions to keep the cellulite at bay.

Contact Cellulite Treatment By Sia now!

Is it possible to achieve skin firming without surgery? Yes!

Cellulite Treatment By Sia has recently introduced the very latest in skin firming technology from Europe. This technology is amazing, because it actually prompts the skin to release more of its own firming skin cells, so skin becomes naturally youthful without the surgical interventions of old.

This scarless technology uses a unique combination of radio frequency and magnetic pulsing to achieve the propagation of the skin’s firming cells, fibroblasts, as well as the release of the skin’s own collagen and elastin.

As we age, the skin’s fibroblasts naturally diminish, as does the release of collagen and elastin. This natural process is what leads to wrinkles, sagging and hollows.

So it makes sense that if you can increase fibrobalsts and collagen and elastin within the skin, this will have a significant anti aging effect.

While magnetic pulsing and radio frequency have been used separately for years in many different applications, this is the first time world-wide they have been used in unison. This amazing skin firming treatment is pleasant, painless and after a recommended number of treatments, fine lines, sagging and hollows diminish. Contact us to find out more about skin firming.

Got Cellulite?

With summer looming, now is the time to get your body bikini worthy.

And thanks to Cellulite Treatment By Sia’s innovative new cellulite removal technology, bikini season is no longer something to be feared!

Cellulite Treatment By Sia was recently the first clinic in Australia to import the latest in patented cellulite removal technology. This amazing treatment uses both magnetic pulsing and radio frequency to penetrate down to the subcutaneous layers when cellulite actually occurs.

Here, it uses these dual treatments to not only increase lymphatic drainage and circulation, but also stimulate lipolysis and more skin firming cells. This is the only machine on the market today to address all the causes of cellulite and, thanks to the multipolar applicator, it actually reaches deep enough to be effective–unlike other cellulite removal methods available.

After around eight sessions, lumps and bumps are smoothed and skin is firm and tight.

So if you are serious about getting rid of cellulite, give Cellulite Treatment By Sia a call. In fact, after you visit Cellulite Treatment By Sia, you’ll be begging to put on a bikini!

Why your current cellulite reduction technology doesn’t work!

Spending all your time and money on ineffective cellulite reduction treatments? Listen up!

Cellulite is a tricky condition, with multiple causes and multiple appearances. So it makes sense that tackling this scourge with a one-dimensional treatment just isn’t going to work.

Cellulite occurs deep down in the subcutaneous fat layers underneath the dermis of our skin. It is caused by multiple biological failures, including a lack of circulation, a build-up of toxins and an increase in the size of fat cells.

So to get effective cellulite reduction, you need to reduce fat cells, increase circulation, increase lymphatic drainage for toxin removal, and you need to do all this with a treatment that actually penetrates past the dermis of the skin and gets to the subcutaneous layer. Phew!

So why isn’t your current treatment working? Chances are, it only tackles one of the causes, or just doesn’t reach down to where cellulite occurs. Creams, wraps and most treatments just sit on the surface of the skin, never penetrating past the first few layers. Deeper treatments like massage or endermologie also don’t go far enough or address the multiple causes.

But Cellulite Treatment By Sia’s new patented cellulite reduction technology does! Using magnetic pulsing and radio frequency with a multipolar applicator not only address all three causes of cellulite, but actually reaches down to the subcutaneous layer. Find out more now.