There is no doubt that if you want to keep cellulite at bay, eating a healthy diet and regular exercise is key. But can any foods in particular be ‘anti cellulite’?

Sadly, no. No food will magically get rid of your cellulite.

But it is important to know that a diet heavy in toxins, like alcohol, cigarettes, artificial sweeteners, preservatives and processed foods, will increase the likelihood of cellulite appearing.

This is because a diet heavy in these things causes our lymphatic system to become sluggish. It also causes the lymphatic system to become confused, as it stores toxins in our fat cells that it doesn’t know what to do with.

This toxin storage is one of the things that lead to cellulite.

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The good news is, Cellulite Treatment By Sia now has the first and only technology that can truly be considered anti cellulite. Using a combination of magnetic pulsing and radio frequency, we get down to the subcutaneous fat layer where these toxins are stored and boost circulation and toxin elimination. Once your treatments are complete, a good diet and one or two touch up treatments per year will be all that’s needed to virtually eliminate this scourge from your body.

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